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Capital increase ProgressNow! invest AG, Frauenfeld Subscription period April 22 to May 29, 2015 - 21.04.2015
At the ordinary general meeting of April 9, 2015 the shareholders approved the reorganisation measures regarding capital loss. These measures include a capital increase of minimum Fr. 2´000´000 and maximum Fr. 10´000´000, as well as the reduction in the nominal share value from Fr. 50.00 to Fr. 3.94. (result of declaratory capital reduction from Fr. 35´125´000 to Fr. 2´767´850). This capital reduction is subject to the partial capital increase being successfully completed.
The new shares will be issued at nominal value Fr. 3.94 per share and payment is to be made in cash. There will be no trade with subscription rights. The board of directors will decide in the interests of the company on the allocation of non exercised subscription rights. The subscription period runs from April 22 to May 29, 2015.
Subscription forms (only available in German) can be downloaded and/or printed out from the website of the company under the heading Kapitalerhöhung 2015 from April 22 onwards. The issue and listing prospectus (only available in German) can be requested free of charge in electronic form by email to
Shareholders registered in the share register of the company will be informed in writing of the procedures of the capital increase and will receive a subscription form.

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