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Adhoc news re. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of ProgressNow! invest AG - 21.03.2012
At today´s Annual General Meeting the discharge of the Board of Directors of ProgressNow! invest AG was surprisingly refused by shareholders. In addition the current board member René Hausler was not re-elected. No proposal for election to the Board of Directors was made by shareholders, and thus the Board of Directors of ProgressNow! invest AG is no longer constituted in accordance with the statutes.

The remaining motions of the Board of Directors including the approval of the Annual Report, the appropriation of profits, the waiver of restructuring measures and the re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Bern were all carried.

The Board of Directors will review the situation and anticipates calling an Extraordinary General Meeting in the 2nd Quarter, 2012.

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